IT Support Services

Security Operations Center Support

Axxum Tech IT Support ServicesThe Security Operations Center (SOC) is the centralized location of an information technology network, system, and application monitoring capability. This location provides log and incident aggregation, attack logic application, malware engineering, intrusion detection, and intrusion prevention. The SOC is critical to event monitoring and incident response capabilities within the CM methodology. Highly capable and seasoned Chief Duty Officers (CDO) must be in place to maintain operations, architect SOC systems, and minimize false positives. Axxum personnel are currently performing SOC CDO and Cybersecurity Watch Officers to identify, prevent, and mitigate Cyber-based attacks.

Network and Incident Response

The Axxum Technologies CM process has a focus on the response to malicious incidents that occur within an information technology (IT support services) environment. Incident response activities prevent Cyber-attacks, eliminate and minimize risk, reduce operational costs, and protect agency and company data. To benefit from an incident response program, a well-established and tested process must be implemented within an organization. We have established an effective mitigation process that includes how procedures generated, documentation of mitigation timeframes and escalation procedures to be disseminated, and our experienced network and security engineering personnel are very knowledgeable in the implementation required for success. Axxum is dedicated to follow up testing and verification with regression reviews and documenting lessons learned for continual process improvement.

Intrusion Detection

The security principle of Defense-in-Depth focuses on layers of security around and within an information technology environment. Intrusion Detection is a key function of this concept and provides the capability to detect network, system, and application based attacks. This detection is provided in several ways and for example can be implemented in network devices such as routers, switches, and firewalls. Continuing with the concept of layers, network device intrusion detection is not sufficient for all malicious attacks, therefore software and appliance based systems are deployed. Software and appliance intrusion detection systems allow for monitoring of the events, logs, traffic, activities, and changes within an information system environment. Intrusion Detection is the main focus of a SOC and through the implementation and operation of SOC duties, Axxum Technologies continues to provide essential detection of malicious network activities.

Identity Control and Access Management

Team Axxum Technologies has the expertise and institutional knowledge to align a strategic strategy to achieve ICAM, eCyber, FISMA, and CDM planned requirements. We have extensive knowledge of product, infrastructure, mandates, timelines to coordinate with agency resources and product engineers for seamless integration efforts. Axxum Technologies has established Long term relationships within the Identity Management community and Federal ICAM space.

System Engineering

As part of the IT Support Services offered, Axxum Technologies helps companies leverage IT infrastructure as a competitive advantage by implementing leading edge technologies in DevOps, Continuous Delivery & Integration (CDI), Test Driven Development (TDD), Application Life Cycle Management (ALM), and Big Data and Analytics. Specific offerings include:

  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best-practices
  • System and Information Assurance (IA) engineering tools and technologies
  • System and network performance measurement and management tools
  • Configuration management
  • System, regression, and security and testing
  • Proof of concept and simulation implementations

Moving to Virtualization

The main benefits for moving to a virtual environment include cutting costs, reducing physical space, and increasing efficiencies. Axxum Technologies provides consultation and solutions for virtualizing network, storage, and servers.

System Design and Infrastructure Support

Axxum Technologies’ IT support services are designed to help manage the complexity of system and network management to deliver a wide variety of modernized core capabilities, including:

  • System Design, implementation, and migration
  • Local Area Network Operations and Support
  • Systems Administration
  • Infrastructure Consolidation
  • Cloud-based solutions and virtualization

Help Desk

Axxum Technologies utilizes Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best-practices to deliver help desk services in a Tier approach, providing knowledge management, problem management, access management, and catalog services to document and formalize:

  • Service Strategy
  • Service Design
  • Service Transition
  • Service Operation
  • Continual Service Improvement

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