Cyber Security

Cybersecurity involves protecting information by anticipating, preventing, detecting, and responding to cybersecurity attacks. Axxum Technologies has the specialized skills and experience to provide a strategy and tactics to help organizations defend against cyber-attacks and implement a secure network infrastructure. Our team has extensive experience implementing cybersecurity solutions against internal and external threats to the health of our clients’ networks.

Business and enterprise cybersecurity management can be a highly complicated task, which is why  partnering with a strong cybersecurity technologies management company is your best move. Reach out to see why companies like Microsoft, Open Stack, Net App, Cisco partner with Axxum. It is a long term partnership that is beneficial for both sides!

Information Assurance (IA)

Axxum’s Information Assurance services assess the adequacy of Management, Operational, and Technical security controls. This includes Physical and Logical resources, Regulatory compliance, Privacy, and Personnel. Axxum utilizes an established IA methodology to provide guidance and comprehensive IA security solutions to our clients.

Security Audits

Cybersecurity Washington DCSecurity Audits are a necessary requirement to meet various compliance needs in the government and commercial space. Cybersecurity technology audits are performed in various phases of system development lifecycle development to address potential system risk from initial development through system disposal. Initial security audits are performed as an integral phase in the initial development of a system as part of the system development lifecycle to be authorized to operate. Security audits are also necessary to review annual security review for an authorized information system to address any operational risk. Security audits are also conducted in support of continuous monitoring to identify and mitigate risk on an annual basis for authorized information systems. The management, operational, and technical security requirements are subject to review with governing bodies and entities keeping watch. A detailed and monitored approach is essential to identify needed support, identify and track findings, and address residual risk. Axxum has been successfully providing these security audit services in all phases of system operation to allow government and commercial clients to mitigate vulnerabilities and manage cybersecurity risk.

Automated Vulnerability Scanning

The review of security configurations and identification of vulnerabilities is key to gaining visibility into the security posture of information systems for the assessment of risk, identification of the cyber-attack surface, and mitigation prioritization. Implementation of enterprise tools is essential to any continuous monitoring (CM) methodology, the centralized nature will allow for constant assessment of security configuration and vulnerabilities.? In addition, specialized security configuration and vulnerability tools should be implemented for static and dynamic testing of web applications and application code, databases, network infrastructure, mobile devices and security appliances. The implementation, configuration, and proper execution of these tools are crucial to properly identifying misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and risks. From system-privileged accounts, network device configuration, application code review, and operating system security configuration to web application and database configuration audits, Axxum has facilitated, monitored, and provided guidance and responses to identify, monitor, and mitigate findings to completion and closure.

Independent Verification and Validation

The Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) service provides a third-party external assessment of system and application processes, procedures, and internal implementation. This neutral outside perspective facilitates a fresh take on long established and familiar establishment/agency/company approaches to internal and external security practices. This approach is essential in identifying potential gaps in management, operational, and technical implementations regarding system administration, security configuration, defense in depth capabilities, and documentation deficiencies. Axxum has been providing IV&V services for clients over the last decade to identify root cause issues impacting critical areas with elevated risk to the respective environments. Axxum is prepared to integrate with existing continuous diagnostics and mitigate CDM services to provide clear and consistent risk reporting.

Assessment and Authorization

The Assessment and Authorization process (previously identified as Certification and Accreditation (C&A)) ensures that system information security is compliant with applicable management, operational, and technical requirements. Thorough reviews of documentation, operational procedures, and interviews coupled with extensive and detail system testing and analysis provide the necessary details for presenting an authority to operate (ATO) in today’s ever changing threat environment targeting government and commercial cybersecurity environments. Axxum has established a strong base of professionals that are well versed in compliance requirements and serve as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in this essential component of Cybersecurity.

Risk Management Framework Lifecycle Support

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released the Special Publication 800-37, the Risk Management Framework (RMF) which outlined the security lifecycle approach establishing information security requirements. This six-step methodology provides guidance on categorization of information systems, selecting and tailoring security controls for implementation, methodology to assess security controls, authorization review of information systems, and continuous monitoring for review of the security controls. The RMF is now a staple of how government agencies implement security, maintain information systems, identify and mitigate vulnerabilities, assess risk, authorize systems, and provide analytics for compliance. Axxum is well versed in addressing all phases of the RMF, performing all tasks necessary in the lifecycle of the system from identifying requirements, documentation preparation, preliminary assessment, authority to operate decision, and continuous monitoring.

Information System Security Officer Support

ISSO support is key to managing the everyday maintenance, development, and security of a system or application. The inner workings of a system changes from day to day and the right support is crucial to providing needed documentation, guidance, and oversight. The ISSO support role establishes a direct communication path to system stakeholders, operational, and technical personnel. This relationship provides the necessary information needed for all security related efforts involved in the everyday, monthly, and annual efforts related to system operations. Axxum has extensive experience in providing ISSO support to government and commercial clients in need of this important and essential support.

Internal and External Penetration Testing

Axxum Technologies is a recognized industry leader providing both internal and external penetration testing and reporting to both Federal and Civilian Organizations, providing white, red, and blue team exercises.

  • Internal penetration tests examine resources available to anyone inside the security perimeter including employees, contractors, temporary employees, partners and attackers who manage to break through the external security perimeter.
  • External penetration tests examine the various resources available from anyone outside the security perimeter and includes include the web/email servers, dial-in, wireless and VPN access.

Axxum Technologies provides both Red and Blue Team Exercise, as well as White Team exercise support.

Red Team: A Red Team Exercise is an all-out attempt to gain access to a system by any means necessary. The Axxum approach includes proven methodologies to test all current defenses implemented on the information system. We focus on penetration testing, physical breach attempts, testing telecommunications and wireless for access, and testing employees through social engineering and phishing techniques to determine the rigor of current defenses.

Blue Team: This team is made up of the day to day defenders of the Network. The Axxum blue team members garner threat intelligence by accessing log data, using a SIEM, aggregating threat intelligence information, and performing traffic and data flow analysis

White Team: The white team establishes rules of engagement (ROE) and performance metrics for security tests. The white team is also responsible for deriving lessons-learned, conducting the post engagement assessment, and communicating results to management. Axxum acts as a neutral team of observers, referees, and judges between red team mock attackers (offenders) and a blue team of actual defenders of their enterprise’s use of information systems.

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